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Toge de Sergent Templier


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One of the purposes of overcoats was to identify the wearer knight. The Templar Order sergeants used to wear black coat with red cross. Due to Templar´s norma cross should be visible in both sides to identify sergeants from other orders members.

Other uses of overcoat was to protect knights from the inclemency of the weather since crusade´s knights got suffocated because of overheating of their chainmails. It´s know that overcoats even saved the live of their wearer as is said in the chronicle that narrates how an arrow wound up in the cloth which slowed down its speed.
Made of cotton canvas.

Length: 125cm
Chest circumference: 125cm

One size fits all.
Price is only for the overcoat. Belt, tunic and chausses not included.

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Toge de Sergent Templier

Toge de Sergent Templier

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