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Plastron européen III Zoom

Plastron européen III


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We´re on 15th Century. The plate armor is taking his place in the battlefield. Now the mercenary men are getting ready for the new manaces, that´s why it´s more commong to see plate amour on the field. Due to his simple design, this chestplate is perfect for the years 1400 to 1500. Over a gambeson or below the jack, this piece will look perfect to finish your mercenary outfit.
Made in 1,6mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.

One size : Anyway it´s easy to adapt the shape for many sizes.
Includes a extra set of straps in case of shoulders with buckle, and can be cutted in the case that are not needed.

Length from neck to the end of the item is approximately 45cm.

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Plastron européen III

Plastron européen III

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