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Panier Commander


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Gantelet 1350 1415

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A weapon master of the fifteenth century said that the hands are an elusive goal because their movement is their best defense. True, fencing protects hands agains opponents but in the midst of a skirmish, when clashes are multitudinous and shock can come from anywhere, just a clash of arms could let your fingers badly injuried. This is why the gauntlets are considered indispensable in recreation and in many battles, both now and then. Gauntlets of middle XIV century tended to be short body, without joints, allowing movement of the wrist by the hourglass shape that some, such as this offer, had. Examples like these gauntlets can be seen in various representations throughout the fourteenth century and fifteenth centuries, demonstrating the reliability of its design.
Made in steel of 1,6mm. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.

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Gantelet 1350 1415

Gantelet 1350 1415

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