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Bras d'armure gothique Zoom

Bras d'armure gothique

Bras d'armure gothique 1450/1490

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It is interesting to note the tendency of Germans, that even in very late fifteenth century stood using half pieces instead of tubular arms, more commonly used on the milan´s style. Nevertheless the comfortability and versatility of this pieces attached to each other by leather points, makes realize the wearer the freedom of movements and how easy to repair it is if any damage happen. The arms have little holes that allow to move up or down the height of the half pieces. This straps also provide a help for a correct holding of the arm.

It includes a leather tab for proper fitting.

We recommend the use of this product in combination with our Arming Jack MH-CL0800.
Made in 1,2mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.

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Bras d'armure gothique

Bras d'armure gothique

Bras d'armure gothique 1450/1490

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