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Jambes d'armure gothique 1460-1500 Zoom

Jambes d'armure gothique 1460-1500


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Is more than obvious the importance of leg protection for cavalry, and not only in the 15th century but in general was one of the earlier protections seen among this kind of troop and became quite relevant with the increase of cavalry troops. Undeniable is the beauty and intricate of work in German style armors as the piece we offer you. This version is is based on a original armor from south Germany that can be found nowadays exhibited on a collection in Berlin. The piece reflects the Belgium and Austrian influence in the Germany of the age. The lateral hinge system can be found also in the Valdemar VI´s armor stored at present in the Royal Armouries or in the emperor Maximilian I´s armor.
Made in steel 1.6mm. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.

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Jambes d'armure gothique 1460-1500

Jambes d'armure gothique 1460-1500

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