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Boucle 13-14ème siècle


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Boucle 13-14ème siècle 

Taille de la boucle

Longueur: 1.8cm

Largeur :2.2cm

Largeur de la ceinture :1.5cm

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Boucle 13-14ème siècle 


As a fasion complement, buckles had an important role at the moment of being part of the attire of a men or women. On the 13th and 14th century we can see a tendence in the fasion of this kind of elements like the clasps and buckles for the wealty men. There is a good amount of clasps and buckles that arrived at our days with the kind of decoration we cansee in our example, and they are all dated from 1250 and 1350 mainly.


Long: 1,8cm
Width: 2,2cm
For a belt of: 1,5cm


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